Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yes, yes, I know.....

It's been a while, I know. For a long time I thought that all I wanted in the whole world was a little bloggie to call my own. Then, when I finally put one together, I kinda lost interest. Apparently I have the stick-to-it-iveness of a 2 year old.
But hey, I've been missing it a little. So I figured I'd say hi, and see if the love was re-ignited.

Topic number one for today is allergies. I haz dem. I never used to haz dem, but apparently something in my respiratory system broke about 6 months ago and now I am allergic to AIR!!! I spend a huge amount of time blowing my nose noisily. My gp did eventually find something that works for me, but, of course, it is horribly expensive and causes blocked Eustacian tubes (don't even ask- I lost the will to live over that one) if I use it too much. Plus, I am stubborn. Right now it is autumn here, and I am still snuffling. I vacuum regularly, I don't go near the cat (poor thing), I have cut out dairy products....and still I am snuffling!!!! It is pissing me off, and somehow I have it in my mind that if I don't give in to it amd start medicating myself to within an inch of my life, like I did during spring and summer, then it will all go away.
Thus far....not so much. So I snuffle.

Topic number two for today is the fact that my tolerance for this hick, backwoods suburb has reached an all time low. I announced to The Kid the other day that we are officially Getting Out Of Dodge. He was overjoyed. We both agreed that we are urban dwellers, rather than semi-rural dwellers. I just want to be somewhere where I can get a decent soy latte and wear a capelet and fingerless mitts without the neighbours coming onto their porches to point and stare and phone their relatives. I am sick of the bored, violent teenagers driving terrifyingly modified cars up and down my street. I am sick of the lack of art galleries and bookshops. I am sick of waiting for public transport that never arrives. I am sick of the racism, both blatant and implied. I was telling this to my GP the other day, and to my complete suprise she totally agreed with me. She said she put off buying a house for 7 extra years just so she could get something in a suburb that wasn't like this one. I will probably have to live in a kennel, but at least it will be a kennel that has a decent coffeeshop near by.

Topic number 3 for today (and the last, I think) is my yarn love. It's getting out of control. For ages I was the sort of knitter who only bought the yarn I was about to use, or needed for a particular project. Buying yarn I didn't have any immediate plans for just caused me too much stress- I felt it ticking away, just waiting for me to use it. But then something happened. I think I started loving yarn for yarns sake. Now I can't stop buying it. Don't misunderstand me, I don't feel guilty. I am just running out of space.
Thats my problem. it's not yarn, it's storage space.

Look at one of my most recent purchases.

Woolhunters everyday Sock Yarn "Butternut Squash"
Woolhunter's Everday Sock Yarn "Butternut Squash"

It's a fingering weight sock yarn called Butternut Squash by Woolhunter. I really think it does look just like pumpkin blossoms, too. Haven't made anything with it yet. For now, it just sits on my coffee table looking pretty.

Soon, verra, verra soon.......

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Melinda said...

Speaking for's wonderful to see you writing again! I've missed your delightful observations, dear....taken to reading your Ravelry project notes for interim fun :)