Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Autumn In Melbourne.

I went for a walk this morning and remembered to take my camera. Autumn in Melbourne is lovely- a slight chill, but often sunny (although it was actually quite dark and gloomy this morning). I got some rather strange looks from people as I walked round and round trees trying to get good shots. At least, I think it was because I was taking photos. It may have been the luminous orange and pink bag that I have become so fond of.
Anyways, this is what I saw......

Snow Gum

And some foliage just starting to turn.

Turning leaves (3)
Tuning leaves (2)
Turning Leaves

A warning about the dangers of surburbia...
Beware Of The Magpies!
Some natives plants in flower..
Flowering Gum
Pincushion Hakea
My favourite native plant, the Pincushion Hakea (Hakea laurina).

So then, because I was digging this photography lark so much, I had a little stroll around my garden. Not that much happening, but a few little treasures.
The salvia is starting to come back after being all crispy and sad looking for months.

The ubiquitous daisy.
The Ubiquitous Daisy

A really pretty Ivy Geranium.
Ivy Geranium

The ever faithful red geranium that sits by my front door.
Red Geranium

And Chrysanthemums!! Just in time for Mother's Day!!!!!


Lynne said...

Gorgeous. And much of it exotic, to me :)

We should really look at a shipping system that keeps all our warm woollies in the northern hemisphere for half the year, then sends them to the southern for the other half. Think of all the underbed storage that would free up??!?!

Melinda said...

Beautiful pictures, Dee. And a very nice counterpoint to what we are seeing here in the northern hemisphere. :) It's the wild and crazy season here, what with everything sending up shoots in all directions! The lilacs are fading but the backyard smells like heaven!