Friday, May 1, 2009

Loose Ends.

I've been all gung-ho about finishing up some long neglected wips. Specifically, the type of finishing up that includes getting out my sewing machine. I can sew quite competantly, I just don't love it, so it doesn't happen all that often. But when it does, I try and do as clean a sweep as I can.

Exhibit A

Mandarin Shoulder Bag
(Rav link)

I made this little shoulder bag ages ago, but it really needed lining before I could use it. Couldn't find a colour I like for ages, and then I was cleaning out my closet the other day and looky looky- an old tshirt that was stained past all reason on the front (spaghetti sauce I think). The perfect colour! Just looking at mandarin orange and fuschia together makes me cheerful.

Exhibit B
Spring Haekelbeutel
(Rav link)

I had made the body of the bag ages ago, just needed to sew it up and put in some lining. Starting to see a pattern emerge here? The lining looks fabulous I think, and for the first time I am glad of my slightly crappy photo skillz because you can't see the dodgy handsewing on the inside. Done and dusted.

Exhibit C
(Rav link)

I had entirely made this ages ago and had it hanging on the doorknob in the study. Excellent for hiding chocolate stashes in. But it also needed lining. Sigh. I didn't enjoy it, but its done and I got to use an old pair of brown linen pants that was languishing in the rag bag.

So I'm feeling a bit accomplished, really. Sure, the lounge room looks like a bomb hit it, and I've got bits of cotton everywhere, but whatever. I may reward myself with Tim Tams shortly.

How about a little bling to finish?
Citrine Briolette Pendant
It's a citrine briolette pendant. It's not vintage, but it is close to the same colour as my eyes.

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patt said...

What's Tim Tams??

Nice finished projects! Why is it that when on a roll and accomplishing so much that the house always looks like a disaster zone! I don't know about you, but I never see the mess I've made until after I've finished putting projects together.